the coach eatery farethe coach eatery co. the coach eatery farethe coach eatery co.

 The Coach's Story

The Coach Eatery Co. was born with the idea that the food truck concept can be made new once again. No matter who you ask, when you talk about a food truck, you think about the old box truck that was turned into a small kitchen to serve food from on the street. The only drawback to this idea is that you still need a brick-and-mortar to store your food. You still need to have an electric bill, a gas bill and need the ability to support two locations. What if I told you that you can take this old and proven concept and turn it into something new and exciting once again. The Coach Eatery’s founder and CFO reengineered a bus to support a fully self-powering, self-sustained mobile kitchen. The only drawback is the water source, but that technology is being developed. This Food bus act just like a to-go kitchen without having to be attached to a brick-and-mortar location. As such the #FoodBus was born.

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the coach eatery farethe coach eatery co.
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