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The Coach Eatery Serves Tasty American/Caribbean Isle Flavors

The Coach Eatery provides a revolution in taste by combining American classics and Carribean Island flavors. It is Dominican cuisine at its very best. You can order online and pick up or stop by the food bus in person. The company caters for business events, or special occasions for families, clubs and organizations. We are located at 23587 Pleasant Valley Road Suite 110 in Chantilly, VA. Stop by to try some of our amazing dishes.

The FoodBus Menu

Our foodbus menu has plenty of snacks and sandwiches to choose from. We have Shishito Peppers roasted with sesame oil and seasoned with our special mix. They are served with our special citrus aioli. Our chicken wings are served with red or green mojo sauce with ranch dressing for dipping the wings in. Try our delicious empanadas filled with corn that has been roasted, brisket, and pimento peppers with salsa. Our daily soup specials are served with a quesadilla, making it a filling meal.

Our tasty sandwiches are suited for lunch, dinner, or working late at the office. Our crispy chicken sandwich served on a brioche roll has ranch dressing with crunchy pickles and lettuce. The Chima Burger offers a unique spicy flavor of a pork patty on a ciabatta roll with onions, chopped cabbage, and tomatoes with salsa rosa. The Chopped Cheese is a grilled sandwich with diced beef grilled with onions and peppers with American cheese, served on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, mayo,and ketchup. Our La Venga sandwich uses the Impossible burger, with jalapenos in a vegenaise spread with avocados, tomatoes, on a potato roll.

We serve water and soda to go with your orders. Stop by our food truck for lunch. Our entrees make tasty dinner when you are too busy to cook or want a break. On the weekend, our food will give you and your family a needed break and a chance to try our flavorful menu.

Ordering Online

Our online menu has some extra items and the same items found on our Foodbus menu. We had a delicious tuna salad with pasta, red onions, bell peppers, lime juice, cilantro, and mayonnaise. It has tomatoes, greens, cucumbers, olives and white balsamic vinegar. We have potato salad with greens and it makes an excellent side dish with a sandwich or appetizer. The online menu has our daily lunch specials. Our Dominican style chicken stew is served with rice, beans and a side salad. It makes a complete meal. Our tasty beef stew comes with rice beans and a salad on the side. Both are great entrees to order when you are hungry.

We have delicious flan for dessert to end your meal on the right note. When you order from us online, it will give you time to pick up your order. We look forward to hearing from you.


We offer catering and our mobile food truck can come to your location. Whether you are a business, club or organization, we can make your event special. We can cater events for families picnics, birthdays, neighborhood parties, and more. We can cater themed parties, cocktail parties, and fundraisers. We have appetizers, cheese platters, main entrees, dessert stations, and a wide selection of beer, wine, and alcoholic beverages. Do you need a special menu? Call us to plan your next special event at 571-279-8854 to learn more about Dominican cuisine.

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the coach eatery farethe coach eatery co.
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